Ice Falcon's Quality Guarantee

Duke Andreas

We have been in the armor business since 1989. As a fighter myself, I know what fighters want and need in armor. Fighters want a good looking piece of armor that protects you while allowing you to give your best fight, and you don't want to have to wait a year to get it.

My staff and I are dedicated to bringing you just what you want. We think that it is the best armor you can find for the price. You get what you pay for when shopping for armor. Every year we try to find a way to make our armor better looking and more functional, while keeping the price affordable. There is a variety in styles and price ranges that will fit the needs of most; from the starting fighter to the seasoned duke. Most styles of body armor are kept in stock. Armor is our full time profession. As the largest SCA armorer in the United States, we have a huge selection of in stock items, ready to be shipped out to you right away.

I hope that your Icefalcon Armor brings you the pleasure of superior protection and function ability for many years to come. I have staked my reputation on it- Andre Sinou, Owner

Online Store Includes...

Maltese Full Harness German onion Top Clap Visor Stainless Finger Gauntlets Blackened Fencing Helm Fluted Gothic Legs Fluted Gothic Arm